In the work of the choreographer and the company, transmission plays an important role. From meeting to sharing, she weaves special links, where artists and participants get richer.

With Kham, the transmission is understood in the broad sense, in the idea of ​​transmitting a sensitivity, a taste for the other and the movement. It takes a variety of forms, depending on the audience and the context. But everywhere and for all, we manage to share it.

Olé Khamchanla intervenes regularly with the public to transmit his dance and to share his universe.

On the occasion of specific representations or solicitations of theaters, art school, festivals ... It offers different formats (workshop, creative internship, masterclass, regional project ...) for all types of audiences (amateurs , professionals, students, specialized audiences).

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The Biennale de la danse organizes the thirteenth edition of the Défilé, a choreographic parade mobilizing amateurs and artists on the theme of Africa 2020 on September 13, 2020 in Lyon. The group of Drôme was entrusted to the company Kham and to LUX Scène nationale.


Postponed to May 30, 2021, the Defile was again challenged with the 2nd shutdow and a complicated begin of the year to get together. All the teams are working to find the way to get together and take over the project.

We will forward more information as soon as possible on the Lux website, Valence national stage.

Contacts and info: Emma Engelhard, Coordinator : defile.biennale@lux-valence.com
Follow the project on facebook: Biennale Dance Parade 2020 / Drôme
More info: http://www.lux-valence.com/calendrier/defile-biennale-de-danse/



APRIL                5 - Attraction : workshop parents/kids at Musée Guimet in Paris - Fr - CANCELLED due to the coronavirus

MAR/APR         workshops in 3 schools of Vienne (in partnership with TEC) - Fr - CANCELLED due to the coronavirus

MAR/APR         Cercle : workshops school Terre D'Horizons in Romans (in partnership with Lux  NationalTheater) - Fr - CANCELLED due to the coronavirus

MAR/APR         Cercle : workshops school L. De Vince à Villefontaine (in partnership with le Vellein theater) - Fr - CANCELLED due to the coronavirus

FEBUARY         10 to 22 - Attraction : residencie "1 Temps Danse" in Vallée de Chamonix Mont-Blanc - Fr

JAN to JUN       Cercle : workshops in 4 school of Valence (in partnership with Lux national theater in Valence) - Fr


NOV               Cercle : workshops in Conservatory of Valence (in partnership with Lux theater in Valence) - Fr

OCT/NOV      Cercle : workshops at Diaconat Protestant of Valence  (in partnership with Lux theater in Valence) - Fr

SEP/OCT        Cercle : workshops in Hospital of Valence  (in partnership with Lux theater in Valence) - Fr

MARCH          16 - Negotiation : Ecole Danse des Angles ( (in partnership with Theater of Arles) - Fr

WORSHOPS for dancers


JANUARY    7-17 - Workshops training / Academy of performing arts Hong Kong


APRIL         8-12 - Atelier formation et création danseurs hip hop / Pôle Sud, CDCN Strasbourg

MARCH     28 & 29 - Formation danseur interprète / Formation ID à Feyzin

JANUARY   7-11 - Entrainement Régulier du Danseur / CND Lyon