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Olé Khamchanla and Rochel Mancip in duet between dance and digital art.
The dance hybridized by the influences of hip-hop, butoh, traditional dances of Laos and Thailand mixes with the movements of images created by digital.
An identity and cultural quest.

Creation: 2017

Duration: 30min

Artistic direction: Olé Khamchanla

Choreographe et Dance: Olé Khamchanla

VJing/Video: Rochl Mancip "VJ ZERO"

Music: Léo Jourdain

Light Desing: Jessica Farinet

Photos: Rochl Mancip

Production: Compagnie KHAM

Support: DRAC Auvergne - Rhône-Alpes, Région Auvergne - Rhône-Alpes,

Département de la Drôme, Communauté de Communes de Porte DrômArdèche

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APRIL                     & 5 - International Museum of Asean Arts Guimet - Paris (75) - cancelled Covid-19

FEBRUARY              21 & 22 - Ville de Chamonix (74)


JULY                      10 -  Montseveroux (38)

MAY                      20 & 21 - Salle Désiré Valette - St Vallier sur Rhône (26) - school representations

MARCH                 20 & 21 - Le Safran - Amiens (80) 

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"A choreography mixing hip hop, break and contemporary combined with a breathtaking play of light."

Dauphiné Libéré


"The result is strong and the image perfectly supports the dancer's view, giving it another dimension." The eclectic formation of Olé Khamchanla (hip hop and contemporary dance) and his bias to mix traditional Laotian dance reinforce the beauty of the show. "

Emmanuelle Vesco - Dauphiné Libéré

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