Since 2006, Olé Khamchanla has been collaborating with Asian artists on many choreographic projects, trainings, and cultural events. He has forged strong ties with artists in Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Burma, Singapore, and more specifically in Laos where he is involved every year. In particular, the Fang Mae Khong International Dance Festival (FMK) was founded in 2010, and it was invaded by the Laotian company FangLao. Together they recently built Laos' first dance center, FangLao BlackBox, dedicated to the creation, dissemination and transmission of local and international contemporary dance.

Each year, different projects are carried in pairs, including 3 festivals.

FANGLAO dance company


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Fang Mae Khong

Fang Mae Khong (FMK) is the first international independent dance festival created in Laos in collaboration with the dancers of the Laotian dance company Fanglao.

Its first edition was organized in 2010 in 3 cities of Laos; Vientiane, Luang-Prabang, and Thakhek.

The FMK festival aims to support the development of choreographic practice in Laos and to support local artists by promoting exchanges with international artists.

Thakhek Danse

Thakhek Danse (TD) is organized every year in Thakhek (Laos). Created in 2010 to present the students' performances, they provide supervised dance workshops in several schools by the company Kham and Fanglao in Thakhek, it becomes an essential cultural meeting that promotes the dynamics of young people in the province of Khammouane in Laos.

Nakai Danse

Nakai Danse (ND) is established in 2017 in Ban Nongboikham, Nakai District, Laos.

It is organized in collaboration with the company Kham, Fanglao, and NTPC Nam Theun 2.

The latter finances the cultural activities in the sector, in order to offer an activity in this isolated, rural and mountainous place.