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On the stage, a laptop and a microphone to manage sound environments, some projectors on the floor or on a removable pole, all in evidence, the three dancers take on the dance, the light and the sound themselves.
Particular aesthetics that highlight the different influences of hip-hop, butoh, Indian, traditional, contemporary dances, to a glimpse of a unique aesthetic forged also by the individual and his intellectual and sentimental choices.

Creation: 2012

Duration: 45min

Artistic Direction: Olé Khamchanla

Choreographes et interprètes: Rafaël Smadja ou Anthony Michelet, Emeline Nguyen ou Cindy Villemin,

Olé Khamchanla

Music: KaosPad et micro live, "My funny Valentine" (Ella Fitzgerald et Chet Beker), "We have a map of the piano" (Mùm)

Light: Lise Poyol

Scenography: Olé Khamchanla

Photos: Flore Prebay, Jessica Farinet

Production: Compagnie KHAM

Commision: CDC Les Hivernales

Coproduction: CDC Les Hivernales; festival Hip-hop Ways; Le TARMAC Paris, Esplanade -Theatres on the Bay (Singapore)

Residency: CDC Les Hivernales; Nanyang Accademy of Fine Arts Singapore; Pôle Culturel Camille Claudel de Sorgues; Ville de Pamiers, CDC Le Pacifique

Soutien: Institut Français de Singapour; National Arts Council Singapore, Singapore International Foundation, DRAC et Région Rhône-Alpes, Conseil Général de la Drôme.

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MAY--------------------------------- 25 - Theater Clin d'Oeil - Fay aux loges (45)


JUNE-------------------------------- 16 - Marcolès (15)

APRIL-------------------------------- 13, 14, 15 - Maison des Métallos - Paris (75)

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"Passing from pulsating unites to poppings of extreme precision, windings and soft entanglements to virtuoso falls, the three performers deliver, if not the story of their lives, at least the history of their actions."
A.Izrine, The Terrace

"He may have lost himself in a patchwork of artificially sewn pieces, but the magic works, he finds his original style, we follow him in the meanderings of his wandering until the invention of this particular atypical piece."
J. Barak, The Provence

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