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Creation reprise 2020

Surprise or dream, this unexpected dance interlude, which on the rhythms of hip hop, buto and contemporary dances, interferes where one does not expect it. Awakening the curiosity, the choreographic intrusion invites discovery and encounter.
Choreographic Intrusion is a trio that is played in-situ, outdoors and indoors.
Three dancers adapt to their environment, interact with the audience and create a new dimension in multiple living spaces.

This creation project was born from a performance carried out in 2017 as part of a territorial artistic and cultural education agreement: a dance intervention in situ, initially thought as a mediation tool, convinced that the performance as close as possible to public facilitates a meeting.

Creation: 2020  (Performces en 2017)

Length : 32min

Artistic direction and choreography : Olé Khamchanla

Dancers : Cécilia Nguyen Van Long, David Walther, Jérôme Oussou or John Lo, Juliette Vieugeot, Yann Szuter

Music : Mathieu Vallet

Costumes : LychEE

Production: Compagnie KHAM 

Supports in 2017 : Communauté de Communes de Porte DrômArdèche

Supports in 2020 : Drac et Région Auvergne Rhône Alpes, Département de la Drôme, Pôle Pik à Bron, Lux SN Valence, Baron de Bayanne

Photos credits : Laure Delhomme, Kham

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Tour Intrusion



OCTOBER ------------- 10-14 - 2 représentations en lycée / Le Tangram SN Evreux (Fr)

OCTOBER -------------- 7 - Lycée A. Borne à Montélimar / Lux SN Valence (Fr)

AUGUST ----------------- 17 to 20 - Festival d'Aurillac (Fr)

MAY -------------------------- 6 - TEC - Salaise sur Sanne (Fr) 


OCTOBER  --------- 1st - La Cartoucherie and Hospital - Valence (Fr) -  Outdoor

AUGUST  ------------ 23 - Discrit of Fontbarlettes - Valence (Fr) -  Outdoor

JULY ------------------------- 7 - Discrits of Polygone and Plan - Valence (Fr) - Outdoor

JULY ------------------------ 1 - Schools of P. Rigaud, P. Brossolette et J. Vallès - Valence (Fr) - Outdoor


OCTOBER  ---------- 21 - Hospital - Valence (Fr) - Cancel Covid19

OCTOBER  ---------- 20 - Lux Scène Nationale - Valence (Fr)

SEPTEMBER   -------18 - Baron de Bayanne - Alixan (Fr)



MAY     -------------------27 - Collège F. Berthon - Saint Rambert d'Albon (Fr)

MARCH-------------------27 - Lycée Les Mandailles - Chateauneuf de Galaure (Fr)

FEBRUARY -------------05 - Lycée Henri Laurens - St Vallier (Fr)

Pictures Intrusion
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