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Originally from Laos, Olé Khamchanla grew up in France and discovered hip-hop dance in 1990. He trained with different dancers and choreographers such as Farid Azzout, Gabin Nuissier and Storm for hip-hop, Fred Bendongue and Master Beja Flore for capoeira, Abou Lagraa and Monica Cazadei for contemporary dance.

Little by little, he found his style, a way of dancing that was his own and that allowed him to assert himself on the dance scene.


He was a dancer and co-choreographer of the A’CORPS company from 1997 to 2010, during which he signed several shows that established his creative mark. This first company allowed him to assert his status as a choreographer, notably through his first trio “Nous sommes tous…”, created in 2003 upon his return from Italy.


In 2006, he went to Laos and Thailand to learn traditional dances and create his first solo “Kham…”, a return to his roots that offered him the opportunity to deepen and refine his choreographic language.


In January 2010, he created the first international dance festival in Laos, FANG MAE KHONG / FMK (Listen to the Mekong), which aims to promote and facilitate the circulation of Southeast Asian artists while allowing exchange with European and international artists.


Since then, through the KHAM company created in 2011, Olé Khamchanla has multiplied international cooperation actions in Asia (residencies, training, creations, transmission), and continues to enrich his choreographic vocabulary and the circulation of cultures and works between France and the Asian region.

The artistic approach developed today by Olé Khamchanla is that of a contemporary creation freed from the codes of the dances he hybridizes, an incessant search for the crossing of dances, cultures, and sometimes different artistic disciplines with which he explores different themes.

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