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In the choreographer’s and company’s work, workshops plays an important part. From meeting to sharing, it weaves special bonds where artists and participants enrich each other.

With Kham, Workshop is practiced in broad approach, in the idea of workshop sensitivity, a taste for different style and movement. Workshops takes very diverse forms, depending on audiences and contexts. But everywhere and for everyone, we love to share our passion.

Défilé 2020

Masterclass, workshops...

Ateliers EAC

Dance workshops, meetings


Lyon Dance Biennial With LUX SN Valencia

Affiche 1_temps_danse_2020.jpg

1 Time dance

Residence in Chamonix February 2020

TournageTutoFlashMob-avril19-Kham (26).jpg

Territory project

Residence CTEAC - Porte DrômArdèche - 2015 to 2019

Ateliers autour des représentations
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