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Of Laotian origin, Olé Khamchanla returned to his personal childhood land from the 2000s onwards and discovered a culture and traditional arts that today imbue his artistic work and part of the activities of the Kham company.

Since its creation, several projects have been regularly carried out to promote the development of contemporary dance in Laos, both local and international projects. In a country where the contemporary art market is non-existent, training, dissemination, production… are crucial issues to be shared so that local contemporary artists can develop their art and share it with the local population. The choreographer is particularly involved in supporting the Fanglao company, with whom Kham can co-construct projects on site and in France, and thus modestly participate in this ambition.

Except for specific mentions for projects in Khammouane, all actions carried out in Laos are financed by NGOs, embassies and foreign sponsors present in Laos. Some activities receive support from the French Institute of Laos.


Support, training, creations

logo FMK dézoom_edited.jpg

International Dance Festival in Laos

Fanglao 4 rond blanc.png

Contemporary dance company in Laos

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Choreographic center

in Laos


Trip of Laotian artists in France From 2009 to 2018

TD2017 Affiche.jpg

Dancing in rural Laos From 2009 to 2018

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