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Based in St Vallier sur Rhône in Drôme (26), the KHAM company was created in 2011 at the initiative of the Lao-french choreographer Olé Khamchanla. KHAM symbolically refers to the first solo of the choreographer, “Kham …”, which he created in Thailand, Laos and France in 2007. This piece is the beginning of an original exploration that led him to discover traditional dances from his native region, which have since continued to nourish his choreographic research and the company’s activities.

The company’s projects revolve around 3 activities, developed in connection with hybrid and intercultural artistic work:

- creation and dissemination of choreographic works

- transmission in the broadest sense

- international cooperation in Asia and particularly in Laos, notably with the organization of the annual Fang Mae Khong (FMK) festival.


The company’s artistic work is developed through contemporary choreographic creations combining hip-hop and traditional dances from Southeast Asia, and not hesitating to experiment with cross-fertilization with other forms of expression such as theater, singing, painting or video. Rich, specific and universal raw materials and vocabulary that make it possible to question human beings, their origins, their journey, their interactions with others and their own questions.


In parallel, the company is also involved in numerous transmission projects: artistic mediation, artistic and cultural education projects, territorial projects… which it develops on its own initiative or in close collaboration with theaters and partner structures that solicit it.

A third area of activity for the Kham company is international cooperation in Asia, around creation, dissemination, transmission, particularly in Laos where actions are carried or accompanied by the company in favor of the development of local contemporary dance.

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