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Creation 2025 - piece for 7 performers
1st part of the triptych on transformation

With this theme of transformation, the choreographer wishes to visit the metamorphoses at play in humans, the environment and in our intimacies. A broad research panel, which will be broken down into triptychs:

· Transformations #1—2024/2025: stage play for 7 performers. Transformations of bodies and identities

· Transformations #2—2026/2027: piece for 4 or 5 dancers outdoors. Transformations of space and environment

· Transformations #3—2027/2028: duo for small spaces (rooms, apartments, kiosks, etc.) Intimate transformations

In this first part, a stage piece for 7 performers, he will explore the idea of transformation of bodies, thoughts, identities, and of course also that of dances which he likes to transform. The transformation seen through the prism of disguises, manipulations and obstacles that we create or undergo… All while beginning the work of transmitting his dance.

An intercultural choreographic research, between East and West, in which the choreographer will express all the hybrid and powerful technicality of his dance, applied to the bodies of several dancers.

Choreographer: Olé Khamchanla

Dancers :  Anthony Michelet, Aymeric Bichon, Clément Carre, Eva Aubigny, Flavien Esmieu, Liesbeth Kiebooms, Mio Fusho.

Accomplice Dromaturge: Vanasay Khamphommala

External views: Arco Renz, Benjamin Tardif

Composer: Mathieu Vallet

Light creation: in progress

Costume creation: LychEE

Duration: 60 to 70 mins

From 10 years old

Production: KHAM company

Confirmed co-productions: Le Tangram SN Evreux (27), Le Phare CCN Le Havre (76), CDCN Pôle Sud in Strasbourg (67)


Confirmed residencies: Pôle Pik in Bron (69), Cie La Baraka / La Chapelle - Abou Lagraa & Nawal Aït Benalla (07), La Manufacture / Choreographic incubator in Aurillac (15), Le Tangram SN Evreux (27), Center Choreographic Dans6T in Tarbes (64), Le Phare CCN Le Havre (76), CDCN Pôle Sud in Strasbourg (67)


Institutional support: Drac Auvergne Rhône Alpes, Auvergne Rhône Alpes Region, Department of Drôme




FEBRUARY       7 - PREMIERE at Le Tangram scène nationale Evreux (Fr)

FEBRUARY       1 week of residency at Le Tangram scène nationale Evreux (Fr)

JANUARY        1 week of residency at Pôle Sud National Choreographic Development Center of Strasbourg (Fr)


OCTOBER      1 week of residency at CCN Le Havre (Fr)

MAY              1 week of residency at Dans6T in Tarbes (Fr)


OCT/NOV   10 days - residency at La Manufacture d'Aurillac / Incubateur chorégraphique (Fr)

MAR/AVR     10 days- laboratoire at Cie La Baraka / La Chapelle - Abou Lagraa & Nawal Aït Benalla (Fr)

JANUARY      2 days - auditions



SEPTEMBER   5 days - residency research at Pôle Pik, Bron (Fr)

JULY             20 days - exploratory performance with LGBTQIA+ comunity, at Fanglao BlackBox, Laos

MAY            5 days - dance Khon labo, in Somarel (Fr)

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