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International Cooperation

For around fifteen years, Olé Khamchanla has undertaken numerous trips to Asia during which he has numerous meetings with artists, institutions and programmers.​

Through these exchanges, numerous cooperation projects have been built throughout the region over the years, around creation, training, dissemination, support for emergence...


The company has a very strong partnership with Laos, notably through the young Laotian dance company Fanglao, whose two directors were trained in contemporary dance by Olé Khamchanla. Thanks to this relationship, various projects have been co-organized for more than 10 years in France and Laos : tutoring, training, residencies, workshops, construction of a choreographic center, (...), and the Fang Mae Khong international dance festival (FMK) 1st and only contemporary dance festival in Laos.

The Asian region is very dynamic in the choreographic sector for several years, and the dual company/festival role allows Kham to be part of these new regional networks to offer visibility to his artistic work and to the young Lao scene.


Find out more about all projects developed by Kham company in Laos : transmission, traning, BlackBox, FMK festival, outreach projects, cultural tours


Find out more about creation, repertory transmission, tour of the Kham company in Asia.

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