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Dear friends,

The 14th edition of FANG MAE KHONG international dance festival 2023 is very special this year.

An edition which firstly inaugurates the creation of a brand new festival, the "ITINERANT Laos-Europe Performing Arts Festival", initiated by the European Union in Laos and under the artistic direction of Thiane Khamvongsa, with whom we are delighted to collaborate, and share our programs, at a time when pooling our resources helps to reduce our ecological impact.


An environmental awareness which will inspire the show "Accumulation", by Alvin Tolentino, performed by Canadian and French artists of the company ERASGA, coming for the first time in Laos, and the show "Earthing", by Hyuk Kwon, from SIGA company in Seoul, performed by South Korean and Laotian dancers.


Two other invited companies will also put this 14th edition under the sign of international artistic collaboration, which is the very essence of FMK festival. Thus, Luxembourg choreographer Jill Crovisier, from JC Movement Production company, will offer us a choreographic game, "The Game Research", created in collaboration with Laotian dancers, and FANGLAO company will present the show "Choreographic Intrusion", a cover of the repertoire from my French company KHAM.
A Franco-Laotian collaboration echoing the 70 years of diplomatic relations between France and Laos, and also celebration of the 65th years of bilateral relations between Laos and Germany, which allows us to re-invite the German choreographer Arco Renz, faithful companion of the festival.


Support for emerging artists is also very important for FMK festival, so we are pleased to welcome the young Taiwanese choreographer Yi-Chi Lin, discovered earlier this year during "Want to Dance Festival" in Taipei (one of the partner festivals of FMK). Just like proposing to bring the festival outside the city, with a program especially for Ban Houa-Xieng for the second year in a row, in which the school and its students are involved in the project. 


Finally, I would like to thank the organizing team, institutional and private partners, international and local artists, our dear public, for your valuable support which contributes to the longevity of FANG MAE KHONG festival.


To everyone, I wish you a magnificent 14th edition and a wonderful end of the year 2023.

Olé Khamchanla

Artistic and executive director of FMK

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